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service-detail-1On-page SEO optimization is all about optimizing the page to improve ranking. It is one of the important factors in SEO to earn traffic. When different content is added than it requires the headings, sub-headings, bold, italic, images, hyperlinks, and so on. These techniques make the page attractive, User-friendly, and engaging. Moreover, the following things should also be considered on the high and quick ranking of the website:

SEO is the lifeline of online marketing. We offer our valued clients a high quality and affordable SEO  packages. Leave the rest up to us as our experts are trained on the latest guidelines from all major search engines such as Google, Bing, Yandex, and Yahoo.

Our SEO optimization core services include On-Page SEO, Keyword Research / Strategy, Website Content,  Technical SEO, and Activity Report.

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On Page SEO

Content is a king and the rest of the things in SEO come after it. If your content is well managed and well-presented than you need less effort on other things. Content should be user-friendly, engaging, and easy to understand.

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Keyword Research / Strategy

Before writing the content, keyword research is done. It is all about finding the specific keyword that has more searches and cost. A keyword with low competition and high searches are ranked quickly as compared to the others. In short, it is the base of the topic, page SEO, outreach, and campaign.

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Website Content

Content is a king and the rest of the things in SEO come after it. If your content is well managed and well-presented than you need less effort on other things. Content should be user-friendly, engaging, and easy to understand.

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Technical SEO

Technical SEO is part of On-Page SEO, its main function is to improve the technical aspects of a website, and make your website faster, easier to crawl and understandable for search engines and focuses on improving elements on your website by increasing website performance to get higher rankings by removing extra non-useable files, removing dead links and make your website user friendly.

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Activity Reports

Performance evaluation for a site is also known as Activity Report. Many online paid and free tools are available for this purpose. A free Google analytic tool is used to analyze the traffic and performance of the site on the Google search engine. Moreover, you can also utilize the Google Search Console web service to monitor the indexed sites such as sitemap, crawl rate, stats, and much more. Utilize these features free of cost and improve your site’s ranking.

On Page SEO Services Process

Keyword Research and Analysis

1. It all begins with keywords. Identifying and ranking for the “right” keywords is key to campaign’s success.
Targeting right keyword means getting the “right” kind of visitors. Intelligently searched keyword or a key phrase
that would improve the website’s conversion – sales or enquiries is at the center point of TOP SEO’s game plan.

On Page SEO Optimization

2. Many website owners neglect On-page optimization because it usually does not move the SEO needle. However, each step that we take for making your website’s presence more prominent will have a detailed SEO optimization services report at the end. This will give you knowledge on what exactly has been done with your site to dominate Google.

Technical Website Evaluation or Audit

3. Your website health is crucial to improving rankings and generating more organic traffic. Scanning your website errors and fixing them is part of our short term strategy. Also known as Technical SEO - locating the problem area's on your site is only second the keyword research when starting a new

Content Development& Marketing

4. Unfortunately, not all clients want to discuss Content Creation. It's a longterm strategy to build your brand. Most client's priority is now and how to get more sales. We do not force content creation but should you think about soon.

Social Engagement

5. We do not offer a service social media right now but we think its an important marketing channel. The basic outreach would be to post about your niche topic and join related groups and sessions.

Off Page SEO/ Link Building

6. Off-Page, SEO has to be the second most important aspect of SEO period! You need high-quality backlinks to get on the first page of Google. Don't worry we got you covered, all our SEO Packages include link building.

Local SEO Strategies

7. Google my business is a great resource for online only and brick & mortar. Do not forget about Bing which offers a similar service to help local businesses connect with customers. We optimize and create new Local Citations to drive more customers to your website.

Ecommerce SEO Strategies

8. Technical SEO is a big part of our e-commerce strategy. You want to make sure your website has no duplicate content and your targeting keyword with buyer's intent. Google Analytics or similar is a must to optimize your content and design to achieve the best conversion rates.

Google Algorithmic Updates

9. What can I say is that they are real and normally impact websites practicing unethical tactics to cheat the system. We only offer White Hat solutions to improve your organic traffic.

Guaranteed and Results in Organic SEO Services since 2013!

SEOrango was started to help small business websites succeed in a time Entrepreneurship is on the decline. SEO companies today utilize various software to complete the task. SEOrango believes our manual processes help understand the clients guaranteeing better results..

Experience: SEO is very dynamic and is an undefined science – you learn it with experience.
At SEOrango, we are doing SEO from 14 years now and have successfully managed more than 5000 campaigns with proven results.

Team: It is the individuals, which makes the difference.
At SEOrango, we currently have a highly skilled team of 85 Internet Marketing Experts working in different capacities as Group Project Manager, Project Managers, On Page Expert, Off Page Experts, Content Writers, Programmers and Quality Experts, all working in unison with a single objective of providing high customer satisfaction and results.

R&D: Search engines continuously roll out new updates all the time and it is must to remain on top.
At SEOrango, we have a separate team of research specialist, the core responsibility of which is to closely monitor all campaigns, collate data, conduct tests and refine the process and strategies all the time.

Communication: Communication is key to any online marketing campaign’s success.
At SEOrango, we are proud to say that we are one of the best when it comes to communication and reporting. With project management and campaign tracking system and availability of live support via phone, instant messaging service and emails we keep our clients updated all the time. Our reports are rated highly by the clients.