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Backlink Removal Analysis is tedious and time-consuming.

So let us do it for you!
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More Time For Your Business

Your website might have thousands of backlinks to pick through. We’ll use the best tools and our in-house expertise to separate the good from the bad.

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We Take The Time To Do It Right

Each backlink will go through a link audit to determine its health and risk level. Then we go through a removal process to clean up the bad links.

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Our Expertise Removes Your Risk

Our Backlink Removal & Link Detox Service, is manual, like everything we offer. We work behind the scenes while you grow your business!


Four Steps to Help Your Client Recover from Penguin’s Wrath!

Several years after the update and webmasters are still learning the lessons of Penguin. Here are the basic steps we’ll go through to get your client back in Google’s good graces.

  • We use tools from Majestic and Ahrefs as well as Search Console to discover all the backlinks pointed to your clients’ sights.
  • Using Link Detox from LinkResearchTools, we analyze each link followed by manually visiting each site to verify if it’s spammy.
  • With the help of rmoov.com, we find contact information for each domain and submit link removal requests to their webmasters.
  • Finally, we disavow any remaining bad links through Search Console and submit reconsideration requests if necessary.
Packages Designed with Your Clients’ Situation in Mind
Whether your client has already been penalized or you’re being proactive, we have the right package.
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Link Clean Up – Small

Did your client hire a shady SEO guy in the past? Remedy your clients’ backlink situation with our white label tools as a part of your SEO strategy.

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Link Clean Up – Medium

Tumbling down the rankings or have a history of Webmaster warnings? Let us figure out what the problem is and disavow before it’s too late.

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Link Clean Up – Large

Your client has already disappeared from the search rankings and there’s an active Webmaster warning. The situation is dire and time to act.


Manage The Risk Of Bad Links To Your Clients’ Sites

As of September 2016, Penguin is now a part of the Google algorithm crawling the web regularly.

This means that constantly monitoring your clients’ links while simultaneously link building on high authority sites with natural anchor text is as important as ever.
Here are some other benefits of properly managing your links with our Link Detox packages.

  • Risk level analysis of each link
  • Removal of any toxic backlinks
  • Anchor text extraction
  • Ensure link diversity

Backlink Cleanup is One Part of a Complete SEO Strategy

If you’re looking to offer your clients a well-rounded SEO strategy, backlink cleanup will be a great addition to your services. Here are a few other products to consider.
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Organic SEO

Help your clients climb search rankings with our organic SEO services. Keyword research, on-page optimization, and more!

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Local SEO

Put your clients in front of the people looking for what they offer! Highly targeted leads ready to buy from your clients!

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Web Design

Fully optimized WordPress sites that pass the eye test and more! Comes with compelling content and ad copy.


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