SEO Tips and Search Engine Optimization Tricks for Beginners

Build BackLinks - Very important part of Quality SEO

What most do incorrectly is the use of anchor text. What anchor text should you use if you want rank for Dallas Website Audit Service>;. Look for next post to get the answer or reply with your thoughts.

OK, We are trying to get Top Ranking for keyword Dallas Website Audit Service;. Hopefully the page we are trying to rank has "no backlinks or limited backlinks". If you have already started building backlinks improperly this will be a problem.

So, Include Dallas Website; in your title tag of page you want to rank. Hopefully Dallas Website Audit Service; is not part of your domain name ( The trend is domains with main keyword in the domain which creates a problem using your brand as backlinks.

Our domain for this example is Our anchor text to rank for Brick Layers;.

  • acme
  • your name

You can also use other words related to Dallas SEO Services Company, but keep the ratio below 1%. Remember if your new to your niche competitors have years head start, so be patient and try not to screw up your link strategy.

What is Search Engine Optimization?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. A process to get a website or blog or even a podcast listed in the highest level of Google, Bing, and Yahoo. Why is SEO important! Well if your company sells a product or service you want to reach many prospective customers as possible.

Internet marketing companies provide a service to get your keywords ranked in the Search Engines.

Ok. What are Keywords

Keyword SEO Tips - Keywords are specific words that describe what you are searching for like "Best Cell Phone" or "Fast Weight Loss Tips".

There is a big difference in the amount of people that will see your product or service if you are on Page 1 versus Page 3. So, if you want to get on Page 1 of Google lets say, I strongly recommend SEO Rango for all your low cost SEO services. I hope you seriously consider our service, because the sooner you act, the sooner you will be making more MONEY!

Alright, Lets talk about SEO can help you make Money with your website.

The first thing I suggest you do is sign-up for a Free Google Adwords account, and utilize the keyword tool for free. It's very important that you target the correct keywords for the product or service you offer. If you target the wrong keywords you will get more traffic to your site, but the traffic will not convert into sales.

So spend some time learning how to pick keywords that convert and you will be on your way to being successful. Once you discover the keywords, it's time to create backlinks to your web site.

Many do-it-yourself SEO individuals prefer article submission back link due the flexibility you get with embedding different urls. The internet offers many software programs that will submit your content to various article directories.

Most directory submissions will only accept your root url like So if you have a sub-page you cannot submit it.

You are not going to find a shortage of places wanting to sell you backlinks. Creating backlinks to your website take time and if it's one thing to learn about SEO. No QUICK FIXES.

Are You Collecting Backlinks Worth Pennies?

Directory Submission will drive your website to the top of Google, but some backlinks with NO Page Rank in our estimation are worth PENNIES, and cost you precious time. 

  • PR N/A or 0 = .05cents
  • PR 1 = 5 cents
  • PR 2 = 25 cents
  • PR 3 = $1.25
  • PR 4 = $6.25
  • PR 5 = $31.25
  • PR 6 = $156.25
  • PR 7 = $781.25
  • PR 8 = $3,906.25
  • PR 9 = $19,531.25

If you prefer the complicated Page Rank Algorithm - Go to

Recommended Resources and SEO Techniques

Traffic Travis Software

Very nice website ranking tool software that can help discover some problems with your website. Get SEO Optimization Software and get better ranking. Free SEO Software - Click Here

Point Blank

New to link building or trying to train others in the art? This guide the SEO Tips you need. It’ll help anyone grasp the concepts behind what we’re doing & why we’re doing it without using any fancy lingo. Every link building strategy known to man is included here. Consider it an optimized, revamped version of my previous mega list on my blog. Click Here

On-Page SEO Optimization

You will be ahead of most do-it-yourself internet marketing folks if you follow my instructions below. I recommend you try a page that already has a descent ranking and apply my SEO tips and techniques. You should expect positive results. Get quality low cost SEO Packages , so you can maximize your internal links with on-page optimization with affordable SEO Consulting with these Website promotion techniques.


Meta Title Tag - The normal Title length is about 70 characters. Occasionally I have many keywords for a page and will create Tile tags with 105 characters. Search Engines will cut off portions of your Title, and you could create a Title that hurts your click through rate (CTR). You need to determine for yourself it the additional traffic is worth it or not.

Meta Description - I never worry about the length of this tag. You want to include all your keywords from Title tag in the description.

H1 Tag - The H1 tag or the Headline of the page should include a variation of your most important keyword.

Image Alt Tag - DO NOT add keywords to this tag. You get penalized for over optimization. Just describe the image or use the image filename.

Web Page Content - Write your content for your visitors and not the Search Engines! Maybe you heard that before, but it's true. Natural content will hopefully convince visitors that your product or service is worth giving a try.

Website Check-up - Duplicate content and broken links have a negative impact on your ranking. We have two online sitemap generating sites that scan your website to generate xml sitemaps. During the scan one site checks for duplicate content and removes the page from the sitemap.

Be Nice to Your Potential Customers

Let me give you a business tip that will help you grow your business. Do what you say you are going do. Treat your customers well and they will come back and bring others with them. It sounds so simple, but so many businesses fail at it. Some business owners get it, and some obviously do not.

Don't give customers a reason to go somewhere else to spend there money.

Well that's all I got today.

Grow your website traffic with Bing & Google

Social Media
- Are you getting SEO help out of your accounts

Do you have time to manage your Social Media accounts? Let's say you don't have time to post and interact with visitors. The most important thing is that your money website is generating backlinks to your Social Media accounts.

So, how to you accomplish this now! Website Design can hurt your Google Ranking. Beware of website designs that claim “SEO Ready”. Our team is currently running test to resolve why your backlinks are not getting counted.