Do it yourself SEO can get frustrating


Do it yourself SEO can get frustrating trying to get better search engine rankings. How to build backlinks is something most e-books and so-called SEO experts do not tell you how to do!

Our Dallas SEO Consultant Service is based on years of experience in business and understanding small business budgets. Learning about you and your business will help us deliver the results you desire.

85% of websites have little or no traffic and it's difficult to determine if you're wasting your time. Link building is the second most important part of website optimization. You could get DISASTROUS results if performed incorrectly.

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Better Website Rankings, Higher Traffic, and More Sales:

Do you really want to Dominate your competitors? Ok, I say slow down or wake-up!! Your competitors have been doing it longer and it's a full-time business, not some scheme to make extra income.

Your SEO should be one of many ways to market your business. You don't need big market budget to get the word out. Email marketing, facebook, PPC (Adwords) offer targeted clicks to your website.

Optimization of a website can have many aspects.

It may require editing site content and HTML coding. One common mistake is not having your physical address in the footer of your site. I don't recommend adding the address if you have a home business.

Our SEO consultant services include online website audits that crawl your web page and determine if you have any errors causing poor search engine rankings.

Get Your Website to Page 1 on Google:

How to win the Turtle Race

Your competitors leading your market have an enormous ADVANTAGE. Everyone is thinking how quickly can I get my website to the TOP!

SEO is not a speed race, but a Turtle Race. NO amount of money will skyrocket you to the top of Page 1 in 30 days!

The benefits of hiring an website consultant are enormous if you can afford it. Maybe you want to try to do-it-yourself? The internet has so many conflicting views and it's hard trust anything.

SEO professional's tease you with only part of the information you need.

Yeah...Lawyer Talk:

Say hello to Mr. Rush the turtle. Like I said before, it feels like a slow process only because you want it to be fast. Many local small business have tried and failed. Will you be different?

Mr.Rush the Turtle

What Can SEO Consulting Do For You:

First you must have a product or service people want. Identify your idea customer
and creating a plan to get more targeted traffic. Our SEO Services involve web page audits and backlink review
that help identify what you need to grow your business online.

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