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Why is an SEO audit important?

SEO is a complex system of clever algorithms and technical wizardry that can be difficult to understand. A comprehensive SEO audit takes all these factors into account, delivering invaluable insight on where your website stands in relation both visitor traffic as well as search engine rankings - helping you take necessary action towards improving it!

It's important to carry out an SEO audit at least once a year in order for you and your business/website’s digital marketing strategy stay on top of current trends.

What’s involved in a SEO audit?

With a manual and thorough review of your website, keywords rankings, analytics we will provide you with an insightful interpretation for all the relevant data as well our series of actionable SEO recommendations.

We work with companies to implement our recommendations in-house, or outsourcing them completely.

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Technical Analysis

You may be surprised when we investigate the construction of your website and identify barriers to optimal search engine performance. We want you as a customer or potential user, feeling confident in exploring what's on offer from start-to finish!

Visitors to your website will be more likely stay on the site if it's easy for them. This way, you can direct their attention towards areas that interest or concern yourself--and ultimately convert these visitors into customers! From Google’s side of things too though-more pages indexed means higher ranking in search engines results page (SERP) which leads us onto…

The benefits far outweigh any drawbacks when implementing this strategy so don't worry about trying out different designs until after some trial runs with one design have been conducted first

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Keyword Ranking Analysis

With our help, you can take advantage of keywords that are relevant to your business and customers. We'll research the topics so we know which ones will give us an edge over other companies ranking for those terms while also aiding in uncovering new opportunities through keyword overlap between what they're ranking high upon now but may have ignored earlier on because there wasn't any potential demand out there yet or someone else had beat them

What are your competitors ranking for? What keywords do they seem to be getting good traffic from and why does this matter in the SEO campaign.

Traffic Analysis

Have you ever wondered what the people visiting your website do? Where they go and how long for on average.

We'll get a clear understanding of your visitors' behaviours and their engagement with the site. We will be able to see what content they are viewing, why they're visiting that specific page instead others or not at all - is it because there's something interesting happening in an ad? Is this person actually reading my blog posts rather than just browsing around?"

The analysis takes place on a page-level as well, meaning that every single word and letter has its own set of data.

Traffic Analysis7

Traffic sources

Knowing which sources send visitors to your website is important for planning and measuring any marketing campaign. For example, what happens when an individual person arrives at the site differently than another source? How do these various paths engage with each other as well as you want them too or need it in order make a decision about whether this destination would be beneficial enough that they should visit again soon after!

This will help you identify the areas where your website is performing best, not just based on traffic but also conversions.

Traffic sources

Device analysis

Platforms such as smartphones and tablets are becoming more popular for browsing the web. That said, desktop computers still account for a majority of visits to sites with robust designs because people often use them when searching through large amounts information or looking up product prices online before making purchases from retailers who don't yet offer their products on these new channels (such as Amazon). 

How do you prefer your website pages differing? In terms of how they're accessed by visitors - do some require touch capabilities while others can be read comfortably using only mouse clicks/navigation around screen margins; i'm guessing most would say "yes"

Conversion paths are an important part of optimizing your site.
We can look at how people interact with the different pages on your website, which could lead you to make changes that improve conversions!

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Behavior flow analysis

Your website is more than just a page of content, it's an interactive experience that users will take different paths through depending on their needs. understanding how traffic moves around your site can give you great insights into what improvements are required for each part so they don't feel like separate entities but rather one integrated whole with unique challenges faced by every visitor

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Landing page analysis seo

Landing page analysis

We'll use our knowledge of high-performing landing pages to make sure you have the best conversion experience possible. We take what Google Analytics tells us and use it in tandem with other sources like A/B testing, customer feedback data etc., so that no stone is left unturned when doing optimization work for your website's performance on desktop or mobile devices

We're not just going by statistics here - we also look at how visitors engage (or don't) with each page through an analytical lens before deciding which improvements need implementing next!

Backlink Analysis

Backlink Analysis

You don't want to rely on backlinks from spammy sites that are just trying to rank higher. We'll audit your link data and determine if these links look valid, as well as where they're coming in from--natural or artificial sources

A big part of SEO is making sure you have high quality anchor text with relevant websites linking towards yours so it will be easier for people who search Google "find" what product/service IS perfect for them at first glance! But studies show most spammers use fake article titles & descriptions when building their campaigns because this tactic has been proven successful over time…

What is the best way to get backlinks?

"You must have a blog or website with high authority in order for your content and site architecture (i.e., UX) not only rank well but also generate traffic."  "Are you looking at improving on any of these aspects?"
We perform a deep dive on each page of your website to figure out why it ranks for the keywords that it does.

If you’re not careful about maintaining high-quality backlinks, then it's possible we may need to clean up your link profile. The best way is by continuing the process of building great links from reliable sources so that future problems are avoided!

Content Analysis

Our website audit will help you craft a content strategy that speaks directly to your audience. We’ll look at the quality and relevance of all your pages, making sure they are focused on problems clients have while also providing solutions from us!

With an editorial calendar tailored to your potential customers’ search queries, we can ensure that you are always providing relevant content. You have the option of writing it yourself or using our talented in-house copywriters who will produce high quality pieces for maximum impact on site traffic and conversion rates!

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Social Media Analysis rango

Social Media Analysis

You can have us do a Social Media Audit for you, which will measure your usage and engagement across all of the major platforms. We'll review what other businesses are doing in order to create strategies that could give yours an edge over them! You decide whether or not this was helpful with our compliments on how social media has helped others succeed

What do we promise with the SEO audit?

You'll receive an in-depth report on your website that will give you the opportunity to make changes and updates with our guidance. We’ll also show where there are areas for improvement, so it can have a greater impact when ranking higher in search engines!

We'll go through your report with you, either face to face or over Skype. This gives the chance for any questions that may arise from it and ensures understanding on both sides!

We take a holistic approach to SEO. From keyword research and content development, we dive deep into your website’s technical setup so you can focus on other important business factors like sales growth!

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