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What is included in your Monthly SEO Packages

Our professional SEO package is full-service! Basically you give use your username and password so we can make all the necessary changes to improve your website rankings.

Website Audit

Checks for technical issues (broken internal links, image errors, poor page load time, and more).

Anchor Text Sculpting

The anchor text in your backlink profile impacts your rankings. (See Backlinks).

Backlink Building

Building backlinks in my opinion is more important than Keyword Research. After your site is considered ready for primetime (no technical issues), we spend the future months time building high quality backlinks.

Keyword Research

Many high profile SEO experts believe keyword research the most important part of SEO. During the intial setup of your account we determine with your help the best targeted keywords for your website.

Do you use Whitehat Tactics

We only use Whitehat tactics only. Whitehat is industry jargon regarding ethical SEO services. Review our SEO Consulting by Alvin Russell.

Do you perform any Content Optimization

You get content/page optimization with our Professional package only

Do you provide any monthly reports.

We require you have WMT (Google Webmaster Tools Account). Google Analytics would be helpful, but not required to start new account. The monthly reports include Search Engine Rankings and Traffic Growth.

What timeframe before seeing results customers/traffic.

39 Days

What type of support can i expect if i have questions

Our Standard and Professional packages include Email and Phone support. The self-service or DIY (do-it-yourself) packages include email support only.

What if your business is growing very slow...

Do you give up and concentrate on working for someone for the rest of your life or do you get Help...


Alvin B. Russell

Born in Cleveland, OH in 1964, I grew up in a single parent household. My father passing caused by cancer. Occasionally I hear people talk about memories at early ages, but I only remember patches of my younger years.

When my Dad passed I remember being called to the principals office and going home in the rain and seeing so many strangers in my house having a good time.

Imagine strangers saying how big I got and just laughing like it was a party. I don't remember talking to my mother, just going upstairs to my room and crying.

You get older and realize some people only come together in difficult times and they are happy to see each other because it's been a while. So its not like they are being insensitive to my families lost, just happy to see old friends.

Growing up my dream was to become a psychologist and help people with mental illness, but I was told that was too ambitious by a family member. So, I thought how I loved fixing old TV's and playing around with electronic gadgets - so I pursued a career in electronics. Higher education kicked my butt......... but I graduated from DeVry Institute of Technologies in Columbus, Ohio in 1982.

Graduating was very exciting, but after 2 months of not finding work I became sad and took a job as a short order cook! I don't want to talk bad about having a job, but cooking for a living was not in my plans. After several weeks of deep reflection, I moved to Dallas, TX and it was one of the best decisions of my life.

In Texas so many people are pleasant to strangers. What an adjustment, it was in the beginning coming from Ohio, where you never talk to strangers in Cleveland. My co-workers and strangers were asking me all the time about my day and weekend. Absolutely mouth open shocked!!

My best career job by far was becoming Southwest Region Service Manager at AT&T Wireless (McCaw Communications). What a great place to work with so many talented people. I thought AT&T would be my last job at the time, but my boss resigned and the person that took his place was awful.

To be honest, I never thought of owning a small business, but everything was on the table as future options. One of my responsibilities at AT&T was cellphone accessories. AT&T sold millions of dollars in cell phone accessories, so I thought maybe it could work for me too.

Call it a feeling because no business plan was involved – I just jumped off the cliff!

I started an E-commerce website in 1998 six months before quitting AT&T in the summer. My first website was ugly. I apologize for not finding a more attractive word, but I designed the website myself with no HTML experience. There was animated images and everything. It was ugly, but that website sold many of cell phone products.

Let me give you some background on the 1998 and how expensive it was to get Website Design, SEO, Email Marketing. Learning SEO was tough, but I had to. Companies wanted thousands of dollars a month a website. Website hosting was $600 and up. Can you imagine, well, I lived it.

SEO Rango was started out of my desire to help people. I enjoy what we do and it does not feel like most of the time and since I gave up on my dream of becoming a psychologist. Why not do something you love and passionate about. I was asked by a potential client what is different about your company? Sorry I have no marketing message to add here.

I am just trying to make a living doing something I love doing. You read part of my story, ask yourself would like to business with a guy like me. To succeed in business you need people that believe in your dream. Good Luck!


Do you think performing regular Site Auditor important.

A regular site audit is an easy way of detecting such glaring gaps in your SEO and fixing them ASAP.

How long does it take to see results from SEO?

I would expect you to see results within 39 days.

Do I need Google Analytics or similar product.

YES. You need to understand your website visitors and SEO Rango utilize to prove our worth.

Do you recommend “money keyword” in Domain.

No, because I like to use variations of Domain for anchor text backlinks (Backlink Building).

My boss thinks we can do SEO internally.

Sure, you can learn SEO but do you have the time? We specialize in SEO and can help you get more visibility and sales.

We totally understand if you don't care how we improve website rankings, but if you do GREAT!

When you become a client you we connect your Social sites, Google Webmaster Tool, Google Analytics, and Backlinks to our SEO reporting tool so we can monitor our progress. No need to guess what is going on. Our SEO Consultant Services are flexible to fit your needs and budget.

SEO is a investment regardless if you do it yourself or hire someone.

At SEO Rango, we are all about making you HAPPY.

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