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Search engine optimization is the art of ranking a website on a search engine like Google in the unpaid section or organic listing. Search engine optimization is the method to optimize your online content so that the search engine enables your user to get the top results at a specific keyword.

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Master Keyword Research

SEO is mainly concerned with keyword research. Finding sound keywords can play a pivotal role to produce results. Marketers can find the number of keywords using Google Keyword Planner for free and get good results.

Know Your Competition

Identify your organic search competitors and make strategies accordingly. A better study of organic, theme, attention capturing content, and valuable keywords can help the user experience.

Map Keywords

Knowing what your user wants and search phrases they use, create a spreadsheet of all the keywords and map those keywords into your content list.

Optimize Your Site

After map keywords; the next stage is to implement on-page SEO which includes updating the content, creating a new page, launching new keywords, and focusing on the textual element of each page.

Understand Analytics

You can’t make it better until you can’t measure it. SEO requires a basic understanding of Google Analytics to know which page needs to optimize and which page performs strongly.

In the end, these are some of the prime factors that can help to do SEO. Whereas, adding a hook, optimization for on-page SEO, and building a link are also essential elements to do SEO and create a seamless user experience.


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