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The whole purpose of Search Engine Optimization is to have your website organically ranking well on Google and other search engine’s top results.

Great SEO means ensuring that your content is so effectively structured and optimized, that a search for certain keywords will return your well-ranking website as a top reference—based on its organic content and not paid ads.

We can help with both—book an appointment with us to receive specific and highly actionable guidance on how you can ensure that people easily find your website and actually interact with its content.

Let’s Grow Your Traffic!

  • August 2021

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The 5 Keys for Your Website’s SEO Optimization

Do you need fast, reliable and affordable SEO results on your website?
Here’s what’s included in the actionable DIY SEO method that we will equip you with:

Master Keyword Research

you know you need high-performing keywords in your website’s text but you don’t know how to find them. We’ll help you understand how you can use Google Keyword Planner free of charge to get really good keyword results.

Know Your Competition

you’re competing with other businesses in your field, so you should know what they’re doing that works well so that you can plan your website accordingly. We’ll teach you how to do competitor research and look for organic attention-grabbing content, as well as valuable keywords that you can use.


Map Keywords

effectively using keywords requires a systematic approach. You need to know what your users want by understanding the search phrases they use. We’ll tell you how to create a spreadsheet with all the keywords and map them and add them to your content list.

Optimize Your Site

we’ll guide you through the process of using your findings to do great on-page SEO, updating the content of your website, or creating a new one that incorporates the use of the researched keywords and other SEO improvements.


Understand Analytics

we’ll explain to you how you can let Google tell you what should be optimized about your website. We’ll help you gain an effective understanding of Google Analytics, which will allow you to know which page needs to be optimized and which page performs strongly. This way, you’ll know what to change and also what you’re doing that is really working.

Let’s Grow Your Traffic!

➔ These are the 5 essential steps for significant SEO optimization of your website. These are 5 steps you can effectively take on your own, with the kind of hands-on guidance we offer.
Sure, adding a hook, optimizing your website for on-page SEO, and building links are also essential elements to do when it comes to using advanced SEO features, so we’ll also be happy to add some extra advice in these fields.