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My name is Alvin Russell

SEO is my passion as well as profession. People find SEO a very hard and difficult thing but near me, SEO is quite easy and interesting. There are a lot of wrong rumors about SEO over the internet that is the reason that people can’t perform SEO themselves.

I lived in Cleveland but migrated to Dallas metroplex over 30 years ago.I am a graduate of DeVry University in the Electronic field. I have command in this field but I love to do SEO.

SEO is not hard for me, but they’re so much bad and incorrect information on the Internet regarding SEO that it becomes difficult for others to learn and perform themselves.

So trying to perform SEO correctly yourself without having complete knowledge is going to be difficult.

A lot of factors and metrics are already defined by Google to rank the website but getting knowledge of that is not sufficient. It is a game of creativity, thinking, and developing a different strategy to rank your site on the first page of the GOOGLE search engine.

If you have started a website to earn money & currently trying to find ways to improve sales with fewer expenses than you are in the right spot to resolve your website ranking(s) problem.


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