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Search Engine Rankings are all about who is most popular. Becoming more popular in Google search requires votes (Backlinks).

The funny thing about SEO is that so many small business owners think it's easy work, so they try to do it themselves using Free Advice.


Your web pages should have a GOAL – Do you want visitors to fill out your contact form, join email list, buy your product or service.

Each web page goal will determine what keywords you should try to improve rankings.

Make Money

It begins with Words typed into a Search Box

Research, Planning and Execution:

Keyword research is the foundation of any successful SEO campaign.

Your keyword research should be based on commercial intent (Buy, Information, Product) searches.

OK, How do you rank for all those keywords? Link Building – You can write new engaging website content and create articles related to your niche.

The Anchor Text of your backlinks impact your Search Engine Ranking, I prefer to use variations of our Domain (seorango,,

I promise a well thought out SEO Strategy will bring more website visibility and push you closer to the small business success you desire.

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Title & Descriptions Impact Your CTR

Our Titles & Descriptions are normally 63 and 100 characters. Keyword stuffing creates poor CTR and limits your Search Engine Traffic.

Your web page Title tag should accurately represent the information on the page. A compelling Title will get you more traffic and exposure.

I recommend only 100 characters in your Description tag for web pages that have over 500 words. Google will parse the text on your pages and deliver descriptions based on the keyword searched.

Website Design can hurt your Search Engine Ranking. Beware of website designs that claim “SEO Ready”.

If you're not sure what to do its OK. Try our FREE SEO Analysis.

How to SEO a Website

Keyword Research & Audit

Selecting profitable keywords is very important to increasing website traffic.

Linking Strategies

Our outreach, writing, relationship building is part of an overall link building strategy.

Directory Submission

Directory Submission is awesome way to create or buy high quality backlinks.

Landing Page Review

Your landing page should be professional, persuasive, and has to have an effective sales pitch.

Link Assessment

Occasionally we encounter clients with low quality links causing poor Google ranking.

How Long Will It Take

The average time is 3 - 6 months. Some clients see results in less than 39 Days.

How Much Will It Cost?

The Search Engine Marketing channel has the highest ROI (Return on Investment).

Our SEO Packages and Pricing are designed to boost your Search Engine Rankings.

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No Website - Promote Your Local Business:

Our Local Search Marketing will give your Local small business company a boost. We have the best affordable expert Local Listings Service just made for you.

No Website - No Problem. Get more exposure and find more customers on Smartphones.

Do-it-Yourself - Marketing:

Get some basic knowledge about Search Engine Marketing Service. Visit our marketing SEO Tips page and learn more ways to improve your website ranking.

The cost of doing nothing and losing more customers to your competitors will hurt your business over time. One way or another you need to improve website ranking and our seo training can help you get more customers for your small business company.

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